Episode Catalog

  1. A New Year, New Administration, and New Congress: What does it all mean for consumer healthcare? (retired)
  2. Environmental Policy Meets Consumer Healthcare at the State Level (retired)
  3. Scientific Credibility of the Dietary Supplements Category - Issues and Opportunities
  4. Dietary Supplements and the Pandemic Boom in Wellness
  5. The History of DSHEA and Its Founding Mothers and Fathers
  6. Building Consumer Trust: Multicultural Brand Marketing
  7. Dietary Supplements in Healthcare: Can They be Part of Health Systems?
  8. Medfluencers - Supporting Trusted Brands on Social Media and Beyond
  9. Turning Healthcare Rightside Up, Starting with People; Translating Science Into Improved Health
  10. Digital Platforms that are Changing Healthcare
  11. What Can Healthcare Learn from Wayfair? Lessons on Customer Engagement and Behaviors
  12. What You Need to Know Now About EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility
  13. Introducing CHPA's New Leader in Dietary Supplements, Duffy MacKay
  14. The Impact of Environmental Policy on Consumer Healthcare
  15. The New CHPA SLS - What's in a Name?
  16. The Untapped Potential in Medicare Advantage Plans
  17. Dietary Supplement Claims and Class Action Lawsuits
  18. Sexual Health, an Integral Part of Self-Care
  19. Digital Health and the Future of Consumer Medical Devices
  20. A Global Perspective on the Self-Care Readiness Index
  21. Probiotic Supplements and Quality Guidelines
  22. Oral Health: Tackling the ‘Crisis’ in the US
  23. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Cosmetics Industry
  24. At the Pharmacy Counter: An Emerging Intersection Between Pharmacists and Self-Care
  25. Sound Insights: OTC Hearing Aids Are Amplifying Consumer Self-Care
  26. When Is the Time Right? A Close Look at Mergers, De-Mergers, & Acquisitions
  27. A New Look at the Value of OTCs
  28. GMPs and Dietary Supplements: A Conversation With the Experts
  29. Preserving Your Smile: The Importance of Gum Health
  30. Burn It, Don't Return It: The Botanical Adulteration Prevention Program
  31. Botanicals: The Shroom Boom
  32. Introducing Health in Hand: Expanding Consumer Knowledge and Access
  33. The Future of Digital Health at CES: Innovations and Insights
  34. Unraveling the Impact of State-Level Politics on the Consumer Healthcare Industry
  35. Patient Confidence Index: Using Education as a Driver of Empowered Health Decisions
  36. Self-Care for All: The Movement Towards Personalized Health and Wellness