Acetaminophen in the States

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Acetaminophen is one of the most commonly used over-the-counter medications for the safe and effective relief of minor aches and pains as well as reducing fever. The core therapeutic ingredient found in ubiquitous household brands, acetaminophen has a long history as an accessible treatment present in hundreds of cold, headache and pain-relieving oral formulations taken by millions of adults and children daily. As both a solo agent and complement interacting to boost other analgesics, this World Health Organization (WHO) Essential Medicine provides a reliable fever and mild pain reduction mechanism either alone or in remedies combining acetaminophen with decongestants, cough suppressants and antihistamines for multi-symptom relief. With responsible use and proper dosing consideration for any medical condition contraindications per label guidance, it continues to serve as a key cost-effective, non-addictive pharmacy aisle staple to alleviate common ailments. The widespread inclusion of acetaminophen as a simple, trusted analgesic-antipyretic in scores of over-the-counter medicines makes symptom management more convenient by meeting diverse needs under one packaging.

The Issue

Some states and localities are considering limits on access to acetaminophen.

CHPA's Position

Acetaminophen is a safe over-the-counter analgesic, staple that's widely used by adults and children when following recommended dosage guidelines. Lawmakers should oppose restrictions to access for either age group, as drug regulatory entities already actively monitor research and update consumer protections accordingly to allow availability alongside continued evidence-based education. Excessive limits would deprive the public of an efficacious, affordable longtime remedy.

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