KAI2021 Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Greetings from Seoul, Korea. It is a very special privilege to welcome you on behalf of the KAI executive committee to the KAI International Meeting 2021.

We will hold the conference in a new form called “Hybrid”. Some members will be on-site face-to-face and others will meet virtually. Following last year's virtual meeting, I am pleased that this year's meeting will be able to be held face-to-face, albeit to a limited scale. I am also excited to have a chance to communicate with many outstanding scholars.

Needless to say, understanding Immunology is so important for sustaining our life. The current pandemic is placing even more emphasis on the importance of Immunology to us. To overcome infectious diseases, the world is listening to immunologists. Immunological mechanisms and immunotherapy are becoming more critical in cancer and neurological and metabolic diseases. This would be the reason we should devote more effort to our research.

This meeting will cover the latest immunologic developments with a variety of programs. In addition to the education sessions and symposia presented by renowned speakers, there are new programs, such as: “Pioneers in immune cell therapy” presented by R&D founders; in-depth seminars named “Immune Networking for Young Investigators”; and “Workshops” in which more members can participate. We believe that this gathering can help share useful information and make progress on immunology during the era of coronavirus.

We hope that you enjoy the scientific sessions and have a pleasant time with your colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing you at this exciting hybrid meeting.

Best regards,

Jeehee Youn, Ph.D.
President of the Korean Association of Immunologists