Presentation Guideline

Important Date

May 6, 2021 (KST) Notification of Abstracts Acceptance
Notification mail has been sent to the presenting author/corresponding author
May 14, 2021 (KST) Submission Deadline for Presentation File
Please read the guidelines below and submit the file before the deadline.

• Verbal E-poster file (Korean/International)
• Oral presentation file (International)

June 3, 2021 (KST) Oral Presenter (Korean)
Please submit your presentation file in the preview room 1 hour before the presentation.

Oral Presenter (International)
Please participate in the live q&a during the presentation time.
If it is difficult to participate in real-time Q&A, please reply to the secretariat.
June 2-4, 2021(KST) Poster Presenter(Korean/ International)
Please reply to the comments left on the Online Platform during the Presentation Period.
June 4, 2021(KST) KAI 2021 Award Ceremony (Room A (Channel A)

Oral Presentation Guideline

Presentation Type Oral Presentation

• Korean : Offline Presentation
• International : Recorded presentation file (VOD)

Presentation Language English
Allotted Time 7 min. for presentation + 3 min. for Q&A
*Please try to keep to your time limit.
Session Date & Time 13:10-14:10, Thursday, June 3 [Day 2]
Session Title Young Investigator Workshop1: Immune Regulation
Young Investigator Workshop2: Innate Immunity & Cancer Immunology
Presentation Area Swiss Grand Hotel, Korea
- Young Investigator Workshop 1: 4F, Room A (Channel A)
- Young Investigator Workshop 2: 3F, Room B (Channel B)

Verbal E-poster Presentation Guideline

Presentation Type Verbal E-poster (Online)
Presentation Area KAI 2021 Hybrid Online Platform
Presentation Period During the KAI 2021 Hybrid (June 2, 3, 4)
Q&A Please reply to the comments left on the  Online Platform during the Presentation Period.
Presentation Language

• Contents: English
• Audio: Korean or English

File Instructions Mark your Presentation Number at the top of the poster and include your Presentation Number in the file name
Please check the recording status and submit the final one.
Presentation File Format Recorded presentation file in MS PowerPoint (VOD) (5 min.)
– English contents with either Korean or English audio
Please use landscape orientation in MS PowerPoint and choose from 4:3 or 16:9 slide size.
*Slide 1-5 pages (VOD 5 min.)
File Submission Deadline May 24(Mon) 2021 (KST)
Please understand our reasons for requesting your submissions early. We need sufficient time to check your file.
Recording Guideline file Download (KOR) Download
(ENG) Download
Upload your File Here Upload Here to upload your file

Virtual Travel Award

The registration fee is free for the international presenter who abstract was accepted.